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I’ve been contemplating the subject of denim shirts for quite some now. Honestly, I used to hate them. I think initially in my sartorial infancy I was a purist. You know, white shirt, stiff suit, structured shoulders, no deviations and God forbid– experimentation. However, like with every hobby one is bound to evolve and mature. While I used to love the quintessential Savile Row type and structured British style, I have now gravitated towards a more relaxed Italian style. Italy, specifically Southern Italy just speaks volumes to me even if Germany doesn’t consistently provide the climate to exhibit unstructured and light suits. With evolution comes an appreciation for things one may have overlooked before. Enter: the denim shirt.

Before I delve into the subject I would like to highlight that Suit Supply has finally opened its doors in my beloved hometown. It has been a long and painful wait but I am glad it finally arrived. I was kindly invited to the opening party and it was one of the best fashion events I have been to. Great atmosphere, great people and wonderful, thoughtful catering (they did their own take on very German, specifically Berlin treats). Also a shoutout to Suit Supply’s founders for being a part of every store opening. How many companies do you know where the CEOs fly down and mingle with the mortals? I even got the opportunity to speak with Nish de Gruiter (he just randomly chatted me up at the bar which was awesome) and talk to him about the opening process which was a neat insight into how stressful such an endeavour can be. All of the Suit Supply staff and higher ups were really delightful and it was visible how much fun they were having. I will save my praises for Suit Supply for a separate post, as they are worthy of such as hands-down the best entry level suiting company on the market. I’d also like to disclaim that I am not being paid to say anything positive about this company, it is just my own sentiments.

One of my newest acquisitions has nothing to do with the aforementioned brand though. Instead I picked up a beautiful charcoal grey, flannel suit by the German brand René Lezard. René Lezard is known as a pretty good entry level brand in Germany and they use fantastic fabrics and good construction for a solid price with most of their suits being in the 300-600 Euro range. While I’d never pay full price, if you can pick one up on sale then by all means go for it, especially if it fits right. That is precisely the case with this suit I found while actually shopping for something completely different. What caught my eye was the soft construction reminiscent of something one would find in southern Italy: half-lined, spalla camicia shoulder, no padding whatsoever but still perfectly warm due to the flannel fabric which turned out to be a S130 after doing some investigating. It is the essence of balance as one can look elegant wearing it as a full suit, casually with the denim shirt as seen in this outfit or as separates with either the pants or jacket alone. I’ve worn it at work and felt super comfortable because of the minimal padding but still looked very respectable. I got all this for a price that would have been stupid not to take. Carmen also got me hooked on her trusted tailor who I will now bring all my garments to her because she did the alterations perfectly. You have gained my trust!

The next purchase that was very new for me was the denim shirt. This is where my love for all Scandinavian sartorialists comes in. I have this deep fascination with Sweden dapper population be it people like Andreas Weinås (@andreasweinas), Erik Mannby (@erikmannby) or Edwin Nenzell (@edwinnenzell) or even Finns like Juho from @thenordicfit. Sweden and Italy is just the perfect combination for me. I bought a denim shirt from Suit Supply and the fit was immaculate considering it was RTW. Fortunately, I am one of those people where good RTW companies will fit me incredibly well with no real alterations needed because they’re mostly not worth it. Admittedly, it took getting used to the denim look and I might need to expand my tie collection to accommodate the ruggedness of the final look. The closest I could get was my favourite Ermenegildo Zegna tie that Carmen gifted me for our first Christmas together (that is the moment I knew I would love her :D). It is brown paisley mixed with red pin dots. A beautifully flexible tie that can be both casual and formal simultaneously. I wore my new Soldiser pocket square that I presented in my last post, which is quickly becoming a favourite. I topped it off with my burgundy tassel loafers by the best Berlin shoe brand: Scarosso. One thing I will admit, is that I need to work on my posing. I still have difficulty standing in front of the camera and so I tried a few different things this time. Let me know how they worked out!

I hope you like the outfit and thanks for stopping by again. Look forward to seeing my wardrobe expand further and to getting some wear out of this new suit.

Love, light and style,



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