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New Year and New Flannels

After presenting my latest acquisition in a rather casual fashion, my girlfriend and I used a day together to shoot another option as well, namely a more formal version. Having worn this suit quite a bit now at work I think I have fully developed my appreciation and love for unstructured suits, especially because at work I still need to be flexible and be able to move around. I also don’t think it is necessary to change to heavy fabrics in the winter because the world we live in is much different and considering we have central heating everywhere, nobody who works in an office and wears a suit everyday is gonna need heavy draping. In that regard I do have my own opinions and unfortunately do not share the love for tweed at all. Unpopular opinion I know, but I don’t care. Thus, I prefer my fabrics to be durable but rather light, just like this Rene Lézard suit in a charcoal wool flannel.

I paired this outfit with my blue striped shirt from Nazareno Gabrielli RTW shirt and my blue and orange Von Amper tie that I received a year ago. Von Amper is a German brand I collaborated with and if you are looking for high quality ties and accessories I highly suggest you check them out. The silk is one of the finest of all my ties and creates such a beautiful knot. Topped it off with a no-name pocket-square in orange paisley and my Paul Rosen monk-straps. Currently, trying to sell these bad boys, however, because the gentlemen at Septieme Largeur caught my eye and I want to get a new pair of monk-straps.

As this outfit is the same suit as the last post, I’m going to keep this one rather short and let the outfit speak for itself. Hope you enjoy the look and see you next time!

Love, light and style,



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