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Last Days of Summer

It is now September and we are heading into the last days of summer, though admittedly it doesn’t entirely feel like it is going to end. I think next week we will have a few days in the region of 28-30 degrees celcius before ultimately the temperatures take a dive for Halloweentown. In keeping with my promise to myself to post more regularly I decided spontaneously to shoot some photos. I didn’t want to shoot a regular suit but instead combined some lovely pieces I have in addition to my new favorite loafers (separate post about these babies also in the works). I also have exactly one post with my white cotton Camo by Stefano Ughetti trousers and so it was high time to pull them out of my closet and get them styled up. One thing I intend on filling my closet with at some point is sport coats and blazers. As much as I love suits, I simply adore a good blazer. Fortunately, Spier & Mackay, probably my favorite ready-to-wear company at the moment, will be opening up shipping to Europe very soon and then I can finally make the splurge and order one of their Neapolitan style jackets!

Admittedly, I haven’t taken an outfit photo in a while and so standing in front of the camera felt a bit weird. Not that before I was a professional but this time it was just different. If you guys out there have any menswear pose tips or how to look more debonair in front of the camera, do not hesitate to send me some via e-mail or over Facebook, as I could use the tips. We also almost didn’t get to shoot because somehow I had misplaced my SD card and we didn’t have substitute, however, fortunately, I found a shop nearby that sells photo equipment and the shoot was saved.

I wanted to shoot an outfit that was stylish but didn’t feel overdone, as in it would obviously stand out but people wouldn’t be baffled by what I was wearing. They’d simply gaze and be like “he’s dressed rather sharp” and then continue with their business. It is flashy yet in moderation. It reminds how very happy I am that the trend for menswear pea-cocking is fading and the focus is now on quality and creating a sense of timeless elegance. Frankly, there is just too much rubbish floating around the internet and Instagram for example is flooded with it.

Altogether I am wearing white, cotton trousers by Camo by Stefano Ughetti, blue striped shirt by Nazareno Gabrelli, mohair-wool jacket by Suit Supply, my beloved Von Amper tie and Soldiser pocket square, the latter being two of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

As much as summer and sunshine is wonderful, I admittedly am looking forward to the coming of Autumn as it is my favorite season. There is undoubtedly something incredibly romantic about it and the weather allows for cozy layering seeing a perfect Autumn is neither too hot nor too cold.


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