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The Blue Suit

Welcome back sartorial wizards!

Since the creation of YGR, I’ve wracked up quite an impressive tie collection and unfortunately only used my Tommy Hilfiger suit once in a shoot, even though it’s such a beautiful piece. Thus, I decided to be inspired by lawyers and investment bankers and go with a very clean and classic look.

My birthday is also coming up soon and I’ve made it my goal in life to focus heavily on new pieces for my closet, mainly a Washington Fit suit from Suit Supply. As you all know I have a thing for strong peak lapels, especially since I’m 1,86m (that’s like 6’1 for you Americanos) and have pretty broad shoulders. Keeping with the peak lapel theme, I’ve got a beautiful grey, glen-check Karl Lagerfeld suit that is going to be fitted which I am really looking forward to. These suits are going to open up a whole new realm of sartorial possibilities and it’s all very exciting!


I really enjoy wearing this suit. The quality is very nice, it’s cut well and the color allows for a lot of options. The driving point for buying this suit was definitely the peaked lapel, which in retrospect is now a bit too small for my tastes but it’s still a very nice suit and I thoroughly enjoy wearing it. I wanted to look like someone who wears suits in a professional capacity but actually enjoys doing so, adding a bit of panache by forsaking cold colours and monotony and adding a colourful pocket square and a bold paisley tie.

I still need to get some pairs of real double monk straps but for the time being these will do fine. I absolutely adore double monks and once I get a good pair from the likes of Meermin Mallorca or maybe Crownhill Shoes, I’m sure I will abandon all other forms of shoes, except loafers maybe…
I got these at the Zalando Outlet for a blasphemously little amount of money so I can’t complain. I like buying affordably because it allows more space in really establishing your own style and what fits to you, much like with the cheap chinos I bought. I can only say monks fit well to me. The benefit of the flatter, rubber sole of these monks is that they’re very comfortable and feel more like sneakers but still look dressy.
Hawes & Curtis is one of my favourite shirtmakers, among many, and I will always enjoy their products. A few years back I bought a striped H&C shirt that till this day is still one of my favourites. The fabric is super, super soft but never wrinkles, even when it comes straight out of the washer. The cutaway collar is a must and because the stripes are blue, I can combine it with a variety of ties and knots.

This whole outfit was also inspired by the setup I chose for a wedding I went to a few months back, hence why I chose my Ermenegildo Zegna tie I got from my beautiful and equally stylish (if not more) girlfriend Carmen. The moment you receive a Zegna tie from your girlfriend, you know you’ve got a keeper.

The bold blue of the suit and the brown/black of the tie really mix well with the pop of colour from the pocket square by Tresanti.

That sums up this short outfit post and I hope you all enjoy the look and can be inspired by it for your own outfits. Do you like the outfit? What would you do differently? Let me know in the comments or via a quick e-mail! Until we meet again, remember to stay dapper folks.

Love, light and style,


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