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Pinstripes and Von Amper

Man, it has definitely been a while and I apologise for the lack of content on the site. Winter is one of those seasons I thoroughly enjoy but it confuses me stylistically, one part of my brain is telling me “you need to look like a wall street broker” and the other side is telling me “wrap yourself in as many blankets as possible and place yourself closest to the heat source. However, if there is anything to galvanise the hibernating bear, it’s the first collaboration.

One of the beauties of social media is the ability to connect instantly with so many people with similar interests. I can’t say enough good things about the Instagram community surrounding classic menswear. I find it to be much less superficial, judgemental and convicting then say the world of many female bloggers that I’ve witnessed. It’s also through Instagram that I was able to find menswear newcomer and German micro-brand Von Amper. Well actually, they found me and boy am I glad they did! It’s always fun to support brands who are just as passionate about menswear as I am.

If I had to define Von Amper in one word it’d have to be quality. While others focus on quantity and speed, Von Amper oversees the crafting of it’s small but sophisticated selection of products with a watchful eye, when you have one of their ties you can feel someone actually cared about what was being made sans compromise. While the emphasis lies on neckwear and pocket squares, Von Amper doesn’t fall short in creating beautiful bags, scarves and wallets as well. I am most certainly eyeing one of their leather hold alls, seeing as I’ve been looking for a new travel bag.

Seeing as I have well over 35-40 ties ranging from low range to high end, I feel qualified to give my judgement. This tie has easily become one of favourites in the collection, second maybe only to the tie I received from my girlfriend (sorry, sentimental value), but no less in quality or wearability. The silk is incredibly rich and soft yet I don’t doubt its longevity and fantastic knots can be made with zero effort, to me the sign of a good tie. Contrary to popular belief a tie doesn’t need to be heavy and thick to be good. Those can be achieved with poor polyester linings and do not hint to quality. However, this is most certainly not the case with my Von Amper tie. It drapes majestically and although relatively thin, it doesn’t feel flimsy or lifeless. It came as no surprise that when I debuted the tie at my holiday party, I got a plethora of compliments. The tie is un-tipped and upon inspection all the other qualities of a great tie are visible: hand-rolled edges, a thick bar tack and high quality cotton/wool interlining. There’s a sheen to the silk that reminds of Hermes yet for about half the price. Initially, Von Amper had a very small selection of maybe 4-5 ties, so you can imagine how excited I was when Markus, the owner, told me that new ties had been stocked and in fact there are so many great patterns that I actually had to ask Carmen which to choose, so ultimately I (or…we?) chose a blue and orange floral tie and a blue paisley pocket square—because Lord knows I need pocket squares. I love traditional paisley pocket squares and this dark blue one is a welcome addition to my wardrobe, especially since blue is quite prevalent. Now to the pictures to let you decide!

Suit: Ben Barton | New York Shirt: Profuomo | Tie: Von Amper | Pocketsquare: Von Amper | Socks: Uniqlo | Shoes: Scarosso

Functioning buttonholes give me butterflies in my tummy

Who said loafers are only for the summer??

Look at that blue…ain’t she purrty?

The pattern is so exquisite that it’s difficult to capture on camera…sort of like sasquatch?




I’d like to give a special thanks to Markus from Von Amper for providing me with the opportunity to collaborate. Feel free to check out (you can also find their profile in my shopping guide) as a fantastic alternative to larger menswear brands: it’s really worth it and every time you support a small business, someone does a little happy dance. In addition to very traditional paisleys and florals, they also feature striped and solid ties, though I personally love their disposition to bolder ties.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit and I look forward to future posts, as I’ve got some great new additions to my wardrobe, especially regarding casual styles. Thanks for stopping by and never forget:

Love, light and style,




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