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In my guide on how to shop intelligently I mentioned picking up a new summer jacket from a relatively low-profile brand called Futuro. We’ve been rather prolific lately regarding photos and so keeping with the frequency in posts we decided to shoot in the nearby park, which is one of my favourite places to spend the summer, and try out my new jacket. I did take it for a test walk and realised that I was most certainly cooler wearing then when I took it off. I guess the cotton/line fabric really does work for hot weather.

Now while I cannot tell you much about the brand I do know that the jacket I bought is very well made and super comfortable. Once in a while you’ll come across a real bargain that you know ignoring would lead to regret. I actually saw the jacket a few days before but had second thoughts. However, while on Instagram I was seeing a lot of summer jackets and felt that I was in desperate need for one to keep my blue Asfalto Uomo jacket company. For some reason I think that these two companies are in some way affiliated. I went back, tried the jacket on and realised that the fit was immaculate which is quite the rarity. Absolutely nothing needed to be altered and the wide peak lapels are reminiscent of true Southern Italian style a la Rubinacci or Lapo Elkann, thus exactly my style. It features high armholes for movability, functioning buttonholes, natural shoulder and no lining except for near the pockets and the sleeves. I really loved the bold, red/burgundy windowpane and the texture from the fabric. Definitely a unique piece in my wardrobe and fitting of my rather eccentric Italian inspired style.

With this look I decided to mix it up a bit, inspired by one of my favourite Instagrammers Justus F. Hansen , instead of wearing formal shoes I wore my favourite pair of Vans and navy chinos. I’m still in the market for a good pair of blue chinos and so I’m very excited about Suit Supply opening up soon in Berlin. For now I had no choice but to wear my Primark ones. Substituting most of my wardrobe with higher quality versions has been coming along but until Suit Supply opens I’ve been holding off. Nonetheless, the Vans had a splash of panache to an already bold outfit. I paired the jacket with my blue striped Hawes & Curtis shirt and my favourite Ermenegildo Zegna tie, gifted to me by Carmen for our first Christmas. I knew in that moment she was a keeper and this summer we’ll be celebrating two years together and hopefully many more!

Rather than posing like I do for most photos (though I am admittedly horrible at it) I decided to use the historic steps of the metro station that runs through the park as an alternative scenery. Also gave me something to do with my arms while being photographed.

After we shot my photos, we took some photos of C and then went for coffee and a quick lunch at one of the best cafes in Berlin called Ora. Ora is located in Kreuzberg at Oranienplatz and is an old Apothecary turned cafe/bar. Everything there is homemade and using local, organic ingredients. Their bread is to die for and the pastries are worth the guilt you feel afterwards. They also serve some of the best black coffee I have ever had, especially in conjunction with something sweet like their famed Cinnamon rolls, which C really obsesses about. All in all a very successful day that continued with an afternoon frisbee session with my mates in the Tiergarten and dinner in the evening.

Once again thanks for stopping by YGR again and I hope you enjoyed this outfit. Let me know what you think in the comments below and till the next post!

Love, light and style,



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