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Post-Holiday Blues X Vienna X Budapest

As much as I love going on holidays— and let’s face it, mine was long overdue—I always suffer what I dub the post-holiday blues. There is something incredibly depressing about returning back to wherever you live and facing the reality of going back to work, even if I enjoy my work. I think the contrast is most striking due to the fact that I just returned from Austria, specifically Upper Austria (where my girlfriend is from) whose landscapes are filled with picturesque mountains, shimmering lakes and meadows straight out of a Caspar David Friedrich painting. Even the air feels different there and time feels much slower. It is always a genuine pleasure visiting Carmen’s family and the time we spend there.

In addition to Upper Austria, we also spent time in Vienna, as per usual, to celebrate a wonderful two years together (yaaay) where we staying the Palais Hansen Kempinski again, as well as Budapest, which was a first time for both of us. To uphold tradition we drank champagne in the bathtub with strawberries in a very decadent and necessary fashion with my go-to standard champagne being the wonderful Perrier-Jouët Brut (the Rosé is even better).

We stayed in the lovely House Beletage, in the Joszefvaros district and choosing this quaint little hotel was such a great decision. The staff were impeccable and the location was perfect. The rooms are incredibly spacious and you feel like you have a small apartment, as opposed to just renting a room. The breakfast that starts at 7.30 and ends at 10.00 is exactly what one needs for a busy day exploring the incredible city of Budapest. Especially if you’re an architecture and history buff you’ll love this city. Nonetheless this blog is dedicated to my style endeavours and thus I must speak about today’s look.

The decision to shoot a quick look was very spontaneous, seeing as I really wanted just enjoy my time in Vienna and maybe do a bit of shopping. The shopping part is what led to the motivation as while checking out Mango Man I found these perfect high waist pants, conveniently on sale. In addition to the trousers I also made a few more purchases such as a new striped tie by Ermenegildo Zegna and really went all out in Budapest where I purchased my first pair of Vass shoes. I am very excited to both wear them and shoot them in future outfits, as so far I have never really had a classic pair of dress shoes. Only more flamboyant ones such as loafers and monk-straps. Nonetheless, the addition of quality, hand-made shoes to my wardrobes provides new opportunities that I very much look forward to.

Now while I am no fan of “fast fashion” I will say that I am quite impressed with a lot of the things that Mango Man is producing as of late. It seems they are becoming increasingly inspired by classical menswear and using high quality fabrics and construction as opposed to the “lets-just-go-with-the-trends-and-sell-fast” attitude of many other retailers. I follow a lot of stylish gentlemen on Instagram and because of them I have learned to appreciate high-waist pants as the only way to go when wearing pants. It’s more comfortable and natural than wearing pants below the waist, which defeats the purpose. I was especially inspired by all the stylish Swedes such as the Berg & Berg boys (especially Mr Larsson), Andreas Weinas and many more and thus this whole casual summer look is modelled after their style, which I have offensively appropriated. The trousers are made of a lightweight linen and cotton blend and feel weightless when wearing them. They proved effective even in hotter temperatures where I wore them during a family get-together, so hats off to Mango. It was my first experience with traditional pleated pants as well and am now sold. I paired them with a dark blue linen shirt from Uniqlo, another fast-fashion brand I really enjoy and a cotton Asfalto Uomo jacket, already featured prominently on this blog. To complete the summer look, I slipped on my Scarosso tassel loafers. Also inspired my Mario Testino, who always does this when I see him, I wore my jacket over my shoulders in the “fashion way”. Also featured in this post are my new sunglasses by Spektre which I acquired recently as well. I wanted an alternative to the redundant Ray-Ban and Persols you see absolutely everywhere, so I picked these up on a whim for a bargain and have been very happy with them.

Shirt: Uniqlo Pants: Mango Man Shoes: Scarosso Jacket: Asfalto Uomo Pocket Square: Hugo Boss Sunglasses: Spektre

For those wondering why I have a beard in this picture, well at work the grooming standards have finally been updated to the 21st century and we are allowed to have groomed facial hair. While this might not be a big deal to many people, after having to shave everyday for 3 years, this decision has been a revelation. Although I probably won’t always have a beard, the mere fact that I can now decide is fantastic and removes a great deal of stress. No more wondering whether I can get by without shaving or not. As Mel Gibson said it in Braveheart: Freeeeeeedoooooom”.


Love, light and style,



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