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Although this outfit was quite an impromptu decision, I am ultimately glad we shot it since I’ve been meaning to photograph a lot of new things I acquired. In June I was promoted and thus a new suit was in order. As much as I have no issue wearing my other Suit Supply suit, I wanted something that was more in line with what my colleagues wear: navy. So I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Hamburg to visit Suit Supply, seeing as it looks like the Berlin store will be finished by the time the final season of Game of Thrones comes out. Additionally, there was something exhilarating about going on a day trip by myself to a different city. Hamburg is a great city for menswear enthusiasts and although I adore Berlin, sometimes I do wish that a bit of Hamburg would seep into my wonderful city. Nonetheless, I walked into Suit Supply and picked out a basic Navy Blue Napoli fit suit. They altered it to my preferences and within an hour or so I walked out with a new work suit. Mind you, I probably could have a suit made for me at work but I am such a goddamn snob that I’d rather spend money on my own clothing than wear the “uniform” they could provide. I am very specific about the way I dress and so I wanted that to be evident in my work space. As much as I love wearing my suit, I will say that the lower end Suit Supply suits aren’t nearly as well-made as the ones that are more costly (duh). Nonetheless it serves its purpose and I can always get a new pair of pants made. The fabrics are always fantastic and even the basic Super 110s feel wonderful.

Fast forward to my anniversary. Shortly before my holiday, my girlfriend gave me a gift card for Boggi Milano. No matter what, Carmen will never be able to get me a gift I don’t like, she’s that good. I thought long and hard and ultimately ended up buying another white shirt for work. I really do enjoy Boggi and the quality-price ratio is just as fantastic as Suit Supply. The fabric is gorgeous and the shirt is well-crafted, even though many might be put-off by them being made in China. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest because good craftsmen exist everywhere. I do wish the shirt was a bit longer, as it tends to slip out of my pants a bit.

Fast forward to the part where we are both in Budapest. Now this might have been the biggest investment I have made so far in terms of additions to my wardrobe and the sheer magnificence warrants and entire separate post in the near future. I figured, if I am in Budapest and I am going to buy something on holiday it better something worthwhile. And what do you buy in Budapest when you’re a menswear enthusiast? Vass shoes. My experience at Vass was kind of nerve wracking because 450€ might not be a lot for some people but it was a relatively serious number for me. However, this fear disappeared once I tried on a pair of oxblood, cap-toe balmorals. The fit, the feel, the look—everything was perfect and all that I had wanted in a good dress shoe. I knew I wouldn’t have this chance again for a while and splurged. Do I regret? Absolutely fucking not. I wear them everyday and they are by far the most comfortable RTW shoes I’ve ever bought. Interestingly enough, I think the salesperson was confused when I walked in because it wasn’t a sartorial day for us in 38 degree weather. I looked like an America tourist who was ask to use the restroom. After we talked a bit he loosened up and realised that I wasn’t so clueless after all. Leaving the shop with a Vass bag was one of the highlights of that day, other than the amazing Hungarian food.

Fast forward to me back in Berlin and two more additions to my wardrobe (does it ever stop? No). I saw an Instagram post by Berg & Berg about their sale and realised: I need a Berg & Berg tie. Tactfully ignoring the fact that I just bought another Zegna tie while in Austria and I clicked confirm order and a few days later I had my beautiful Berg & Berg tie. I feel like one of the cool kids now. Further taking advantage of the sales going on I also decided it was time for me to stock up on pocket squares to add a bit of variety so with this outfit I am wearing an Eton pocket square in various shades of blue. I think the square, depending on how it’s folded, really makes the outfit pop.

So without further ado, here is the complete look featuring all the new goodies. Kudos to my lovely girlfriend for taking these once again lovely photos. The light and the camera were so perfectly set up that barely any editing was done to these photos, which is certainly a first.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to let me know what you think?

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