A Gentle Introduction

Welcome to Your Gentle Reminder!

My name is Julien and I’m 26 years old. I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany but call Madrid and Boston my home as well, having spent time in both cities. It took me a long time to really establish who I am, how I like to dress and in the process there have been some less graceful stylistic periods. I used to talk a lot about suits, watches and other gentlemanly things but didn’t have the wardrobe of a gentleman myself nor a legitimate outlet to convey these thoughts to a like-minded audience. One of the great motivators was my girlfriend and blogger the stylish Carmen from LackofColor. One day I bit the bullet, created a website so I could finally join the great community that menswear is, get my voice into the conversation and it was one of the best decisions ever.

Berlin is a casual city. It’s melting pot of so many cultures and people and prides itself in being fashion forward and establishing. However, between the fashionistas and anti-establishmentaries I felt a little let down. Trends represented a temporariness I did not feel comfortable with. I was looking for permanence and self-establishment. Classic menswear in the form of suits is the epitome for me. I feel comfortable and confident when I dress in suits in addition to opening the gates to a new hobby for me where I am able to connect with thousands if not millions of like-minded sartorial individuals and in return learn something new. I can also spread some of my own knowledge and give others another angle from which to observe something. Perspective and individuality are valuable traits that I hold dearly.

It might be unusual for Berlin but I love suits and will continue to rock them for as long as I can. I don’t mind if I stick out in the process.

Love and light,


Your Gentle Reminder