Your Gentle Reminder Guide to Shopping

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in the day of age and information, where everyone has a smartphone and direct access to the internet I felt it was appropriate to create a little shopping guide with recommendations on where to buy great stuff, especially for those on a specific budget. It’s easy to tell everyone that they can get great suits at bespoke tailors or the likes of Zegna, Brioni and Canali but that’s not really going to be useful to someone who can’t afford to splurge upwards of 1k on a suit or shoes for 600 euros (or whatever your currency is). Thus here is my official guide to shopping! I will update this as I go to make sure that I’m constantly expanding the amount of options there are for all future gents! Berlin specific locations will have a blue marked text to make sure you don’t get excited about something that isn’t directly available to you.


Suit Supply – When it comes to buying fantastic well-fitting garments for little money you will not find a better spot than Suit Supply. Founded in 2000 by Dutch native Fokke de Jong, these guys use the best in tailoring techniques, fabrics and fits to create amazing suits as well as casual wear, shoes and even bags for very little money. They’re entry Blue Line starts at about 259 Euros and will give you a great head-start to reinventing your wardrobe or if you’re looking to add some basics. They’re available in Ready to Wear and Made to Measure if you’re looking to have a bit more of a custom look. My personal favourite is their Washington Fit with strong peak lapels for that power look.

Monokel Berlin – When it comes to have impeccable garments you’ll never be wrong with your local Made to Measure specialist. MTM isn’t quite bespoke but it’s still pretty damn good and will add a bit of pizazz to your wardrobe. There’s nothing like wearing a piece of clothing that was made just for you. In keeping with “local” I’d like to recommend Monokel Berlin for all my German friends. The staff are young and engaging but no less professional, offering perfect service even to those who are just browsing. Maximilian Mogg is an incredibly talented guy and his hospitality was unprecedented, though I think he was a guest tailor. The same can be said for the other gents working there. They also offer Berlins only physical shop for Shibumi Berlin ties which is awesome.

TK Maxx/TJ Maxx/Marshalls – Often overlooked is these wonderful little stores. Americans will be well familiar with TJ Maxx and Marshalls as they’ve been staples for bargain hunters and conscious shoppers for decades. TJ Maxx recently opened up in Europe a few years back and it’s one of my favourite outlets in the world. One of the perks of mens fashion is contrary to women’s fashion, we don’t need to follow trends as much and thus a tie can never be last season. I’ve found some incredible deals at various locations in Berlin from Corneliani suits to Zegna shirts. My personal tip is have a bit of patience and keep checking regularly.

KaDeWe (Berlin) –  The largest department store on mainland Europe (only Harrod’s in London is larger) and will satisfy anyone with a bit of money to spare. Located on the Kudamm, a Berlin shopping staple, this place offers everything from local German brands all the way up to Canali, Brioni, Zegna and Boglioli. The building itself is beautiful and a sight to behold and thus is well-worth a trip even if you’re not in a shopping mood.

Boggi Milano – Aside from being the uniform supplier for Lazio Rome these gents make fantastic suits ranging from affordable (400 Euros) all the way to premium (750-1000 Euros). I especially like their shirts because they keep in line with Italian tailoring traditions and trends. No skinny ties or lapels. Just pura sprezzatura! They’re a great place to get beautiful suits in the mid-range price but still high-end quality. Their Berlin flagship store is especially beautifully put together and last time I was there a gentleman was being measured up for a suit. Plus points for being one of the few stores where I think everyone was from Italy. It doesn’t matter but I find it to be incredibly pleasing when shopping for Italian garments.

Brummer – Brummer is an institution in Berlin regarding custom clothing and was recommended to me by my boss a superbly dressed assistant head concierge at work. Brummer have been specialising as custom clothiers since 1920 and our now in their 3rd generation of management. They are the old world equivalent of Monokel Berlin and their store is not so much a showroom as it is kind of a crazy, sartorial masterminds inner sanctum in the form of a gentlemans clubroom. They feature an extensive selection fabrics and in additional made to measure suits they also offer many ready to wear and off the rack products. Specifically their selection of Kiton products is impressive, as I do not know many stores in Berlin that carry Kiton. If you’re looking for an amazing suit from a company that has significant pedigree than look no further than Brummer.

Patrick Hellmann/Hellmann – Patrick Hellmann proves to be quite a confusing brand to me. They are both custom clothiers as well as retailers of high end brands (the only place in Berlin that sells Cesare Attolini as far as I know) and apparently there are two different lines: Patrick Hellmann Collection and Hellmann. I honestly still need to do some research to understand the difference…nonetheless both have an extensive selection of high-end brands and made to measure suiting. I picked up a shirt from Nazareno Gabrielli there the other day that is absolutely perfect and the sale price made it even more attractive.


Charles Tyrwhitt, Hawes & Curtis and T.M. Lewin – While the brands may not agree with me bunching them up together, I did this because they all are Jermyn Street shirtmakers who offer great, high-quality shirts to aspiring gents and veterans alike. There’s a variety of fits, collar styles and colours to choose from and thus something to satisfy anyone. My personal tip is to try and shop during special sales or the holidays as they often offer Multi-buy specials.

Profuomo – I have been aware of these shirtmakers for a while but only recently decided to pick up a few. Founded by Heinz Michaelis in 1934 with their flagship stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Profuomo produce beautiful and comfortable shirts with a heavy focus on social responsibility and without child labour, heavy chemicals or inhumane wages. I can always get behind companies that produce ethically responsible garments.

Eton of Sweden – If you have a bit more money to spend but would like to invest in a shirt that promises longevity definitely invest in Eton of Sweden, one of my favourite luxury shirtmakers. Eton have been producing fine, high quality shirts for 85 years and will hopefully continue to do so for a long time. “Did you know that each Eton shirt is made from 45 different parts and sewn with 12 000 stitches?”

Van Laack – TBC

Ties & Accessories

Von Amper – Von Amper is a German-based brand that produces a wide range of products with an emphasis on quality and elegance over quantity and compromise. From ties and pocket squares made by hand in Italy, travel bags and briefcases made by a German family with 150 years of craft-making pedigree to lush scarves woven in Scotland in silk, angore and cashmere. Additionally, all of the products sell for significantly less than one would find under the name of a much larger brand, yet are crafted with the same amount of love. Treat yourself with a little luxury for little money and support an up and coming brand with this fine alternative.

Berg & Berg –

Soldiser –

Limerius – 

Viola Milano – 

Shibumi Firenze (Formerly Shibumi Berlin) – 

David Fin Ties – 




Scarosso – Scarosso is a German-based shoe brand that was formed by a duo in Berlin. They essentially cut the middle man out to provide high-quality, Italian-made luxury shoes at a less than luxurious price. Very similar to Crownhill Shoes, Meermin and additionally Berlin-based Shoepassion yet something about the aesthetic of the store pleases me a lot more than the above-mentioned brands. I have a pair of chestnut tassel loafers and they are impeccable. Both stylish, well-made and incredibly comfortable I well them both dressed up as well as down. Very good things to say about this brand and will definitely purchase from them in the future.

Crownhill Shoes – 

Meermin Mallorca – 

Vass – 

Septieme Largeur – 

Santoni –